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Preschool Department


The Australian International School’s “play-based discovery” program exposes young children to experiences that help creativity, discovery, and exploration. Our approach to early childhood education is to instill curiosity about the world and an eagerness to learn and study.  This is introduced at an early age into children not simply by providing information, yet nurturing the child by affirmation and the freedom to explore.  The children’s activities are structured to bring in the world and make learning fun, engaging, and empowering, in order to build cognitive, social, emotional, physical development skills.  All of this is part of the AIS Preschool curriculum, which caters to the need of every child’s learning and socialization.
The preschool curriculum is built on the concept that children should have fun and engaging classes. Language Arts, Numeracy, World Discovery, Music Star, Picasso Star, Dance Star, and Physical Education. 
Our preschool teachers are carefully selected and they are academically verified as to their background, education, and previous work references.  The teachers are monitored and they attend teachers’ development seminars.  Parents are encouraged to visit their children’s classes and teachers. 
Parents also have CCTV access to their children’s classrooms.  The children’s safety is the school’s primary concern; hence, every child is carefully observed in order that they will have fun when they learn and play.  There are always teachers monitoring the school campus during all breaks, lunch, and after school.
The school is very conscientious about the children’s snacks and lunches, as a result, AIS chooses foods that are nutritious and at the same time tasty.  Along, with healthy foods, AIS has the preschool children participate in games, exercise, and dance for their physical growth and general good health.

Preschool Program

No# Subject
01 English
02 Science Fun
03 Numeracy
04 Dance Star
05 Music Star
06 Picasso Star
07 World Discovery
08 Physical Education